Anta®Sil TMR

Anta®Sil TMR Anta®Sil TMR Anta®Sil is the proven protection for total mixed rations (TMR). The selected mixture of organic acids […]


Anta®Cid Anta®Cid Anta®Cid combines various organic acids with highly active substances and thus offers a strong antimicrobial effect against pathogens,


RumenStabiliser RumenStabiliser The combination of malic acid and fumarate promotes the transformation of lactic acid in the rumen into propionic


MagPhyt MagPhyt MagPhyt is the best anti-stress product to include in the feed. It helps to bring down stress and


Anta®Yu Anta®Yu Anta®YU with valuable saponins from the yucca plant has a particularly high proportion of highly effective saponins, which

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