MoldCid MoldCid MoldCid preserves liquid feed and TMR as well as silages, grain and solid feed against yeasts and moulds. […]


AntaMix AntaMix Best value for poultry nutrition: Its essential oils destabilise pathogens and make organic acids more effective. Microencapsulation ensures


Anta®Cid Anta®Cid Anta®Cid combines various organic acids with highly active substances and thus offers a strong antimicrobial effect against pathogens,


PreAcid PreAcid PreAcid is the undisputed staple for successful production! It offers organic acids plus prebiotic activity for better gut

MagPhyt WS

MagPhyt WS MagPhyt WS The fast-acting anti-stress product to include in the water. MagPhyt WS has a special anti-stress complex

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