MagPhyt WS

MagPhyt WS MagPhyt WS The fast-acting anti-stress product to include in the water. MagPhyt WS has a special anti-stress complex […]


MagPhyt MagPhyt MagPhyt is the best anti-stress product to include in the feed. It helps to bring down stress and


Anta®Yu Anta®Yu Anta®YU with valuable saponins from the yucca plant has a particularly high proportion of highly effective saponins, which


Anta®Plus Anta®Plus With magnesium fumarate, Anta®Plus offers a highly bioavailable source of magnesium in fine microgranules. Suitable for: PoultryPetsRuminantsPigs Your

Anta®Ferm H25MOS

Anta®Ferm H25MOS Anta®Ferm H25MOS Supports the microbiom and vilii growth and improves digestions. By binding gram-negative bacteria in the gut,

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