Anta®Cid Anta®Cid Anta®Cid combines various organic acids with highly active substances and thus offers a strong antimicrobial effect against pathogens, […]


CaPlus CaPlus CaPlus ME is the trusted safety net for young animal nutrition. Its essential oils destabilise pathogens and make

Anta®Ox Aqua

Anta®Ox Aqua Anta®Ox Aqua Thermo-stable 100 % natural flavonoid product for mitigating pathogen infections, supporting immune function and reducing stress.


Anta®Min Anta®Min Important trace elements in an ideal metal chelate compound: Anta®Min with organically bound iron, copper, manganese or zinc

Anta®Ferm MT 80

Anta®Ferm MT 80 Anta®Ferm MT 80 Multifunctional mycotoxin binder with higher efficiency and broader range than standard binders. Anta®Ferm is

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