Anta®Ox reduces energy waste due to inflammation

Calves face multiple challenges associated with inflammation, including navel infections, diarrhoea and respiratory diseases, to name but a few.

Stressors that occur in the course of rearing cost energy and limit calves’ well-being and performance. And a few grams less in weight gain at this time can in fact make a huge difference, because today’s calves are tomorrow’s cows. Consequently, only healthy calves with optimal growth will rise to become stars in your future dairy herd.

Dr. Eckel’s Anta®Ox can nudge things in the right direction. How? By combining valuable plant compounds that reduce inflammatory reactions in the calf’s organism. Due to this effect, energy acquired from the calf’s diet is not wasted on inflammatory reactions, but used entirely for growth. As a new trial has recently demonstrated, Anta®Ox helps increase weight gain and growth in calves and thus improve the animals’ value and well-being.


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Scientific details: Increased weight gain and weight development

In the trial, calves (average starting age: 27 days) were divided into two feeding groups. The control group received a basic diet while the test group received Anta®Ox. The calves were weighed throughout the trial until the 20th day. The result: Anta®Ox increased daily weight gain by 230 g (Fig.1), resulting in a 4.6 kg higher total weight gain after 20 days in calves fed Anta®Ox (Fig.2).


Fig. 1 & 2: Anta®Ox increases weight gain and weight development in calves


Anta®Ox supports calves and promotes farm profitability

The results show the importance of providing calves with additional support to guarantee optimal development during their challenging start in life. By reducing inflammation, Anta®Ox saves energy and improves the calves’ well-being. And strong, healthy calves are the basis for well-performing dairy farms.

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