Anta®Ox: less inflammation, more energy

In the course of lactation, cows are at high risk from inflammatory reactions such as endometritis, rumenitis and mastitis. The problem is that while clinical symptoms remain subtle, the waste of valuable energy due to inflammatory reactions goes largely unnoticed, reducing the cow’s energy supply by up to 40 per cent. The first signs in cows include ketosis, limited fertility and suboptimal performance. This has severe consequences for the animals’ welfare and the farm’s profitability. So the best thing to do is to support cows by attacking the root cause of the problem.

This is exactly what is achieved with the anti-inflammatory effect of the natural feed additive Anta®Ox: energy in the diet is not wasted but directly transformed into optimally usable energy and milk yield in cows.


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Scientific details: Anta®Ox improves actual performance and profitability

In a recent two-year trial, Holstein Frisian cows were first fed a control diet without additives over a period of 7 months. In the following year, these cows were given a diet containing 20 g Anta®Ox per cow per day over the same period. Milk yield and composition were recorded throughout the trial. The result: Anta®Ox increased daily milk yield by 1.84 kg per cow (Fig.1), while maintaining stable milk fat (control: 3.97%; Anta®Ox: 4.03%) and protein (control: 3.36%; Anta®Ox: 3.40%) content. These performance-enhancing effects resulted in significantly improved farm profitability (ROI > 3:1).

Fig. 1: Anta®Ox increases milk yield in dairy cows

Anta®Ox helps your cows and promotes your farm profitability

The results show the importance of helping dairy cows to achieve optimal energy and performance. By reducing inflammation, Anta®Ox saves energy and improves the cows’ well-being. This pays off because cows with optimal energy supply are the key to well-performing dairy farms.


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