Anta®Ox: Less heat stress; consequently, better performance

Dairy cows are just like professional athletes: they have to use their energy selectively to achieve the best milk yield. This is a major challenge, especially in the hot season, because heat stress increases energy consumption, even at temperatures as low as 20°C. Higher temperatures also reduce feed intake and increase the risk of chronic inflammation. Anta®Ox is demonstrably effective here: it reduces the risk of chronic inflammation, effectively regulating the energy supply and preventing milk yield from stagnating when dairy cows are subjected to heat stress.


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Trial results: Anta®Ox improves milk yield despite heat stress

In a recent trial, Holstein cows were fed a control ration without feed additives from June to August 2018 and then switched to a ration including 20 g Anta®Ox per animal per day the next year, from June to August 2019. Due to the prevalent weather conditions, the risk of heat stress was higher in summer 2019 than in summer 2018—66 days in 2019 as opposed to 53 days in 2018. Yet, including Anta®Ox with the dairy cows’ feed in summer 2019 resulted in an increase in milk yield of 1.0 kg per animal per day (Fig. 1) when compared with the previous year. Furthermore, Anta®Ox stabilised milk fat (control: 3.85%; Anta®Ox: 3.91%) and protein content (control: 3.25%; Anta®Ox: 3.26%; Fig. 2).


Fig. 1 and 2: Anta®Ox improves milk yield and milk content despite heat stress


Anta®Ox reduces the effects of heat stress on dairy cows and promotes top milk yield

The impressive trial results demonstrate that heat stress in dairy cows does not necessarily result in reduced performance if their feed includes Anta®Ox. This is because Anta®Ox reduces chronic inflammation, especially when the animals are subjected to heat stress, thus saving valuable energy. The end result: better energy supply, optimum milk yield and healthy cows despite the heat.


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