Animal welfare pioneer welcomes Guido Grassi

New COO at Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition

Starting 1 June, the management team at Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition has been reinforced: “We have invited Guido Grassi to take over the position of Chief Operations Officer and, I am happy to say, he has accepted.” Dr. Antje Eckel, founder and CEO of Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition, was visibly pleased when she announced this exciting new addition to the staff.

“Guido knows the world from Asia to America, he knows business from start-up to multinational, he knows agriculture from crop to consumer”, Antje Eckel further explains. “He is an experienced leader with a hands-on, open attitude, driven by innovation, and enjoys working with diverse teams and an open corporate culture. His pursuit of excellence and his love of breaking unknown ground to achieve the best for customers, not only for now but also for the future, is precisely how we at Dr. Eckel have always worked. And on top of that, he’s a smart, straightforward and immensely likeable guy who will be a great addition to our team.”

The German family-owned company has always been committed to improving animal welfare and, with its products, to help feed the world sustainably. Constantly growing, the course is already being set for a generational change in the company’s management. Against this background, the decision to expand the management board to include the position of operational managing director and to separate operational business from long-term strategic planning is the next decisive step on this path. This will enable Dr. Eckel to continue to succeed in the future with product solutions that are the decisive step ahead and sustainably strengthen the entrepreneurial success of its customers.

Guido Grassi holds a degree in agronomy and an MBA and has many years of management experience in agricultural companies of various sizes and specialisations. Before accepting the position with Dr. Eckel, the Argentinian native participated in projects in Asia Pacific, Africa, Latin America, Europe and US, and has worked with global teams, most recently as Country Head Thailand at BAYER and then as Aqua Commercial Head for the Asia-Pacific region at ELANCO.

Thanks to his profound knowledge of the Asian market and his experience in this field, Mr Grassi will enrich the company with new ideas. The greater division of responsibilities within the management team will also free up important resources to prepare the ground for a successful generational change. This will help to further consolidate and strengthen Dr. Eckel’s long-term strategy and ensure the continued pioneering spirit. This not only at the product level, but also in terms of go-to-market strategies, digitalization, regions and general operations, while seeking continuous improvements in daily processes and operations. In this way, Dr. Eckel ensures that it will remain a trusted, solid partner and valuable source of inspiration for its clients in the future.

Guido Grassi: “At Dr. Eckel, I will be able to interact with several different areas and regions and thrive to innovate, keep differentiating and to continue pioneering with a highly qualified team and a great company culture. Always looking ahead for a better future, thinking globally and discovering new horizons and opportunities are what drives me most in my daily work.”

Guido Grassi has previously lived in Argentina, Australia and Thailand. He is married to Maria and the two have three sons, Benjamin (16), Felipe (14) and Matias (12). The Dr. Eckel staff warmly welcomes Guido Grassi and is looking forward to a great teamwork and exciting new achievements.