MagPhyt WS

In stressful times – such as moulting, re-housing, transportation or high temperatures –, restlessness, poor feed intake, feather pecking, nervousness and aggression seem to be constant companions in poultry flocks. Producers need immediate stress relief which can be easily applied. There is no time to waste on changing the diet: the solution comes via the


African Swine Fever has proven the biggest threat to swine industry in recent years and causes devastating losses to the whole industry. For your feed, choose the protection that is best for safe animals, safe food and a safe environment. Dr. Eckel’s Anta®Shield is an all-natural, non-chemical feed formulation based on highly effective phytogenics. It

PreAcid 75G

Profitable and healthy animal production starts with the development and maintenance of a healthy gut. Butyric acid – either supplemented or endogenous – is particularly beneficial and has many positive effects on gut health that help the animal to perform well. For its full potential it has to reach the target site in the digestive


Anta®Catch Endotoxins can be devastating for livestock and farm profitability alike. Anta®Catch is the comprehensive solution to reduce the harmful effects of endotoxins. It was developed specifically for this purpose and has proven its effectiveness in feeding trials. The secret of Anta®Catch’s effectiveness lies in its double activation and triple mode of action.   What


ProPell Clean water is a vital prerequisite for healthy animals and healthy performance. ProPell is the method of choice to secure hygiene of drinking water and liquid feed. The unique synergistic blend of organic acids and free fatty acids combats gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and prevents biofilm formation and algae growth in the lines. And

Anta®Plus MgF 100 G

Anta®Plus MgF 100 G is a highly bioavailable magnesium source in the form of an organically bound fumarate. Due to its calming effect, it is an important component for pig and broiler feed in order to reduce stress. In addition, it is especially recommended as an optimal magnesium supply for ruminants. Apart from its remarkable


MoldCid MoldCid is a highly effective blend of propionic acid and its ammonium and calcium salts enhanced with surfactants for optimal efficacy. The mineral carrier was selected because of the following properties: Steady release of the active ingredients into the feed, optimal distribution of grain size for easy dosing, good flowability, easy and safe handling. The


Anta®Cid With the Anta®Cid product range Dr. Eckel provides a combination of active ingredients with a strong preventive antimicrobial effect against pathogens and moulds – suitable for all animal categories. According to the requirements, the products are based on different blends of formic, lactic and propionic acid – depending on the requested activity spectrum –


CaPlus The development of the CaPlus Concept provides highly effective blends of organic acids and their salts for animal nutrition. The CaPlus products combine formic, lactic and citric acid also with other selected acids, in some cases microencapsulated. Because CaPlus provides highly available organic calcium, it is possible to formulate diets with lower acid binding capacity,


Anta®Min Anta®Min is organically bound iron, copper, manganese or zinc. The trace elements are in the form of glycine metal chelate hydrates. As a result, the absorption and the biological availability are demonstrably higher compared to other organic and inorganic sources. In order to avoid a shortage of trace elements that occurs due to interactions