A perfect balance between feeding, the economy and the environment

This year’s 57th annual meeting of the Bayerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Tierernährung (BAT) e. V. focused on the fundamentals of an animal nutrition that is appropriate for future challenges. In addition to economic viability, these include environmental impact, biodiversity conservation and, no less important, effective feeding.

Issues such as digitisation in feed production and sustainability in modern livestock feeding were addressed in a series of technical lectures, followed by specialist panels on bovines and pigs.

Dr. Eckel presented three papers at the poster presentation this year. Technical Sales Manager Iris Kröger was obviously proud to present the results of the Quantum Blue phytase study on the performance of pigs on a reduced mineral diet: the results clearly showed that it is possible to drastically reduce phosphorus in feeding without losses in performance and bone density. Sven Brenner, Team Manager Sales North West Europe, presented the latest findings on the effects of the phytogenic additive Anta®Phyt on bovines: feeding tests with Fleckvieh cattle showed that Anta®Phyt significantly reduces the number of somatic cells in milk. The latest results on tail biting in pigs fed with anti-stress additive MagPhyt, which Dr. Eckel launched on the market last year, were also presented: a trial in collaboration with the University of Giessen showed that MagPhyt contributes to a significant reduction in injuries.

The eventful day was brought to a close with a speech by Professor Windisch, who hosted the event, and a pleasant dinner.