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Remagen animal shelter

A big heart for small animals

Benny, Blacky, Peach & Co. are delighted with the donation

The animal shelter rescues, cares for and rehomes around 1,000 animals every year - an enormous achievement by the team, which consists of four permanent employees, six trainees and many dedicated volunteers. The premises of the animal shelter, which was founded in 1956, are extremely cramped and neither adequate nor up-to-date. Claus-Peter Krah has therefore been looking for alternative premises for a long time. But even in day-to-day operations, caring for the many animals is costly and the animal shelter is in urgent need of support. After all, the local authority's lost and found animal fee only covers a small part of the running costs.   

It was therefore a matter close to the hearts of the Dr. Eckel team to support the regional animal shelter with this year's fundraising campaign. Many employees of the family-run company, which produces feed additives for farm animals, have an agricultural background and a personal connection to animals. Every year, the employees organize an internal auction where the proceeds go to a good cause. This year, the 70 or so employees collected over 2,000 euros, with Managing Director Dr. Antje Eckel generously rounding up the total to 4,000 euros.    

At the symbolic handover of the money, association chairman Krah gave Dr. Eckel's team a tour of the animal shelter's premises and was able to show numerous examples of the welcome use of the donation. In recent months, the shelter has had to take in a particularly large number of rabbits and young cats. By chance, a small family of cats was recently discovered by Dr. Eckel employees on the company premises. All of the animals in this litter were brought to safety by the shelter's emergency rescue team and are now at the shelter or being rehomed.   

Dr. Antje Eckel and her team are delighted to be able to help the tireless helpers for animal welfare and their protégés with their donation and are keeping their fingers crossed for Benny the dog, Blacky the cat, Peach the rabbit and all their housemates for a loving home soon. If you would like to support the animal shelter yourself, you can do so by becoming a member for as little as 5 euros a month, by making individual donations in cash or in kind or by adopting an animal. More information is available at https://www.tierheim-remagen.de/geldspende/.   

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