55th BAT Consultant’s Conference – “Phosphorus – Meeting Demand While Avoiding Excess”

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for farm animals and an important topic for Dr. Eckel. However, excess phosphorus leads to emissions that harm the environment and which are increasingly subject to regulation (e.g., the new fertiliser ordinance). For this reason, the 55th BAT (Animal Welfare Consultancy) Consultant’s Conference, held on 12 October 2017 in Freising, was dedicated to the important topic of “Phosphorus – Meeting Demand While Avoiding Excess”. Dr. Eckel once again participated in the conference as a sponsor.

The team from Dr. Eckel also contributed to the conference with two of its own scientific submissions. Dr. Sven Brenner, Dr. Elke Keßler, Dr. Michael Wilhelm and Monica Florez gave the presentations and illustrated the performance and cost efficiency of the Quantum ® Blue product.

Presentation conclusion: By using the reliable and effective matrix values of Phytase Quantum® Blue, a high proportion of phosphorus can be spared while at the same time ensuring optimal supply to animals. This leads to the stable production of animals, reduced feeding costs as well as an emissions reduction of up to 63%.