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As committed pioneers of innovative animal nutrition, we focus on animal well-being and health, as healthy animals are the only way to ensure a reliable yield. This is why everything we do is based on the latest scientific findings and we use only the highest quality ingredients at our production site in Germany. We develop products that meet the highest industry standards and are also sustainable, climate-friendly and easy to use. Each of our feed additives is the result of passion, years of research and our absolute conviction that animal welfare, economic viability and environmental protection are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Discover our wide range of products so that, together, we can make a sustainable difference and set new standards.

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At Dr. Eckel, we develop products that make livestock nutrition healthier, more resource-efficient and more climate-friendly.
This is our contribution both to your success and to sustainable global nutrition.

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Issues related to nutrition include stress and abnormal behavioural, poor nutrient uptake, susceptibility to illness, increased care demands and medical costs. Feed is an essential component of any animal welfare strategy as it lays the foundation for animals that are healthy, productive and resistant to disease. This in turn means less resource waste, lower treatment costs and more reliable, better yields.


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